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What There Is to Understand   Leave a comment

 The proximal part of the thigh bone is angled.  There’s a Health/Self-Defense/Self-Protection thing Basically called Sieze and Control.  In this it has four parts.  Replacing bones in the joint.  Considering the angle will likelly play part of my managing this severe arthritis.

 Managing bone on bone is other than standard and I would hopefully be other than delusional.  In doing the most I can with what I have, this perhaps should be part.

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Three Out of Five   Leave a comment

 One, two and four of the passed five days my legs cramped in the morning.    Having worked to make a Kung-Fu of my own I had gotten into physiology.  My take on cramps such as Charlie Horses is it is a means to developing the muscle.  If you develop in this way your muscle group now has a greater tolerance. 

 The Kung-Fu was frameworked on squirrels.  With a basis in squirrels I could frame principles, theories, philosophies-ish. 

 Short version I would normally allow the cramp to subside.  But it took seven minutes this time And I broke out early.

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Preparation an Aid   Leave a comment

I slipped on a dryer sheet last night.  But wa sable to get-up and walk no worse than normal.  I’d like to think the practiced walking I d started decades ago was useful to keep things from being as bad as they might have been for some.

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Pressure to Get a Replacement   Leave a comment

Decreased performance at the house, family with situations at areas of articulation…Pressure to get replacements for my hips.

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Lack of Work   Leave a comment

     In two-thousand eight I was told my thighs are turned outward and that I have stage two/ phase two arthritis.

     I’ve since taken temporary work, but little beyond a few days/weeks.  My most steady work was not as described and I was not the only one on whom it was hard.  I couldn’t do some of the bending nor traveling from point to point without walls or something to crutch with.  I was scheduled into January but when I sindicated I would lik/needed time off,  twenty-first/ twenty-second to twenty sixth December 2010, I got told something to the effect I wasn’t needed anymore.

     Go to my Father’s funeral and visit with my half brother I hadn’t seen in decades?  Going back to a temporary assignment sooner to avoid looking like I’m trying for a vacation over Christmas and not be with my brother after the funeral…Doing the Right thing for the wrong people is unpreferred–Business seems to care about Business and I am a flathead bolt driven by Business.

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