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There’s more to my legs than severe arthritis–stuff between bones at articulations is not there anymore.  There’s a turning of my right leg clockwise.  I am working on my third pair of shoes with the heel breaking through the back inside of the shoe–my heel inside pushes forward to my shoe more-so-than pushing into the foot.

I make adjustments to my legs having realized it’s about string tautness.  I could press one -as with cutting hair to not pull on the head.  [I had an interest to make my own Kung-Fu and addressed it and called it Squirrel.  Doing this I looked into things and got impressions].  I  had bee pushing at my thigh not realizing it was off from the bone.  Now when I work with the thigh I sould keep in mind the alignment-not that it is forward as normal, but that the front is at two o’clock making any pushing straight (noon) is actually sideways.  Skewed manipulation might bring-on sheering.


I have made affects to my walking, just should keep at the comprehension for sustained and repeatable walking greater than a few seconds.  But sooooo nice is the relief and a joy when it seems to even momentarily work significantly better.


Ernie Moore Jr.


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Moon the Earth   Leave a comment

A bill to allow a presence on the moon seemed welcomed by the House of Representatives and the Senate. I hope this does not pass into law [Note I should read the bill to understand opposition more appropriately.

People mess things-up. Scientists push throu experimenting because of time-lines and their grant monies can be in jeopardy without proven results. Carees pinned to action is checked for the most part within these communities; however it is the Moon. Time was marked accurately by it earlier. Animals mate by it. Waters rise and fall changing environments affecting living for various living things and stuff is connected.

There might also be possession issues that would prompt warring on Earth. Lets avoid affecting the moon, please.

Ernie Moore Jr.

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