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I put shingles on a roof the other day.  The roof was hot.  The sun stayed out.  Maneuvering resembled a practice I would do when I was younger-mimicking a bug.  I thought they were strong.  Followed their design what I could and I could gain a strength.  Gain in mobility options.

I have to use mechanics and engineering to move things–angles, force, duration…type of stuff.  I stopped manhandling things decades ago, opting for finesse and preciseness, in an effort to preserve my arm  and shoulder health-strains, tears.  I’m referring to opening-up the ladder and getting it to the first roof.  Standing on the first roof and pulling-up the ladder to set it on this roof broke me–bilateral hip arthritis with autofusion+, where it hinders the up of the Gorilla ladder by my arms’s levers for a down that seems to settle in my hips.  Falling at my hips carrying a Gorilla ladder while standing on a roof…I am to continue good house maintenance but I’m scared and I can’t not do things because of Hurt.

Difficult and Hurt are only game stoppers by my allowance…to some degree.

Ernie Moore Jr.


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