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Moving around gets to my legs.  My legs can feel bad.  They might need rest and conditioning such as not using them,  Yet also, treating them–it’s as if the skin gets tight.  I’m thinking juice gets in and separates skin from flesh.  Milking the skin by pressing and guiding from behind has yielded relief.  But this would usually involve breaking scabs and breaking skin or clearing pores of dead white blood cell matter.  Bending my hip by moving my knee forward, I anticipate a ripping feeling that I prefer to which not being exposed. Going out where I’m up and moving my legs I’m not ready for too much back to back.  I don’t want to move around by later-in-the-day.  Using flesh to scour the bone can be a relief.  Washing muscles–squishing them against one-another is a relief.

Now I face the scary of if I can’t affect this in a favorable way, my incapacitation.  Things I find possibly favorable I don’t know how long to do them for long lasting results.

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