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     I feel different things with my legs.  Any one adjustment could take days to yield good results.  But during those days the adjustment would get unworked.  With that in mind I should take inventory of very short range of motion fixes.  Very small corrections.  Testing for a direction that yields either comfort or function.- Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Roses TBD 23 EMJsigsc   Leave a comment


Image Capture Camera Motion of roses. Image within an Image.  Asked to do two album covers for VuRecords at 9th Immortal Studio on their themed album, I submitted this piece.-Ernie Moore Jr. (Twoo Harmony- I-I R $)

IC CM Art Ground Mine Door EMJsigsc   Leave a comment


This seemed to me as though it could have been painted. It is a Pulled Light-Stretched Light Camera Motion Image Capture of mulched ground as I understand. There might be Images within Images, however I would categorize this as -like Art.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC GD A Graphic Artist Finding His Niche EMJ   Leave a comment


A cover image for a talk I was allowed to do at Cowork Frederick for the American Institute of Graphic Arts Blue Ridge Chapter AIGA. I’d offered to talk on a subject I was authoritative, however given that I was unemployed and not known to be or have done graphic arts or design. The title settled on was A Graphic Artist finding his Niche. Niche I’d brought-up, and working with digital images to print-outs, technically I’m a graphic artist.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Trees Scowling Face EMJsigscsml   Leave a comment


Image Capture Camera Motion, the color suggests pulling of evening light. Left hand side one might see a scowling face. On the left hand side one might see a man with glasses. I did something different to save the image smaller in hopes of creating more distinction to see an image. Therefore I signify it as small in the name-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC Draw Hat Wearer from Woman w/Thin Neck EMJsigna   Leave a comment

IC Draw Hat Wearer from Woman w/Thin Neck EMJsigna

In the Photograph a Woman w/ a Thin Neck there were several images. I can loose one image in favor of noticing another near-by image. This one I was able to get this much. I might be tempted to capture two or more images with one drawing. For this Now, separating out my apophenia-isms–patterns I might recognize.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Ic Draw 2 Faces Face 9 EMJsignasc   Leave a comment

Ic Draw 2 Faces Face 9 EMJsignasc

These are how I will learn better drawing. Using the digital photograph Face 9, I followed my procedure: outline light or outline dark, use enough strokes to translate the image, Avoid detail–one stroke too many ruins the entire draw. Do a completely new draw and go farther, rather than ruining the earlier draw. Each draw is a work in itself. Although here I would photograph a point, then do more to the drawing-photograph, draw then I might get to come-back to an earlier more preferred direction where as drawing over draw looses me earlier pieces.-Ernie Moore Jr.