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     I feel different things with my legs.  Any one adjustment could take days to yield good results.  But during those days the adjustment would get unworked.  With that in mind I should take inventory of very short range of motion fixes.  Very small corrections.  Testing for a direction that yields either comfort or function.- Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Roses TBD 23 EMJsigsc   Leave a comment


Image Capture Camera Motion of roses. Image within an Image.  Asked to do two album covers for VuRecords at 9th Immortal Studio on their themed album, I submitted this piece.-Ernie Moore Jr. (Twoo Harmony- I-I R $)

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This seemed to me as though it could have been painted. It is a Pulled Light-Stretched Light Camera Motion Image Capture of mulched ground as I understand. There might be Images within Images, however I would categorize this as -like Art.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC GD A Graphic Artist Finding His Niche EMJ   Leave a comment


A cover image for a talk I was allowed to do at Cowork Frederick for the American Institute of Graphic Arts Blue Ridge Chapter AIGA. I’d offered to talk on a subject I was authoritative, however given that I was unemployed and not known to be or have done graphic arts or design. The title settled on was A Graphic Artist finding his Niche. Niche I’d brought-up, and working with digital images to print-outs, technically I’m a graphic artist.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Trees Scowling Face EMJsigscsml   Leave a comment


Image Capture Camera Motion, the color suggests pulling of evening light. Left hand side one might see a scowling face. On the left hand side one might see a man with glasses. I did something different to save the image smaller in hopes of creating more distinction to see an image. Therefore I signify it as small in the name-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC Draw Hat Wearer from Woman w/Thin Neck EMJsigna   Leave a comment

IC Draw Hat Wearer from Woman w/Thin Neck EMJsigna

In the Photograph a Woman w/ a Thin Neck there were several images. I can loose one image in favor of noticing another near-by image. This one I was able to get this much. I might be tempted to capture two or more images with one drawing. For this Now, separating out my apophenia-isms–patterns I might recognize.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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Ic Draw 2 Faces Face 9 EMJsignasc

These are how I will learn better drawing. Using the digital photograph Face 9, I followed my procedure: outline light or outline dark, use enough strokes to translate the image, Avoid detail–one stroke too many ruins the entire draw. Do a completely new draw and go farther, rather than ruining the earlier draw. Each draw is a work in itself. Although here I would photograph a point, then do more to the drawing-photograph, draw then I might get to come-back to an earlier more preferred direction where as drawing over draw looses me earlier pieces.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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image capture camera motion face 9 by Ernie Moore Jr

Making drawings of what I noticed from an Image Capture, but it was so complete…And it held my greatest drawing weakness–shading (my pen use is line or no line with very little in between. My shading or shadow representing is less strong than my over-all drawing. Here seemed to be a face; even somehow my own.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC Draw CM SEDRO Woman with Thin Neck EMJsigsc   Leave a comment

There was a photograph (digiphoto, digital photograph) of a Camera Motion Image Capture of sedimentary rock. In it I noticed a Woman who seemed to at some point have a thin neck. There were other noticeable objects, but I declared to draw some of what I saw in that apophenic image. This brings my journey full circle…What I first called Accidental Art–Image within an Image-making strokes of acrylic and seeing images that are clear enough that they might have been deliberately drawn–doing the art to improve the drawing. Here’s a drawing by Ernie Moore Jr. from the art.  Thev date includes an icon at the front.  I gave rebus-like symbols to the days of the week.  The A stands for After the reference point old as The hype of the Sell of Common Era gets me shaking my head…it’s a point at best, not an era-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM SEDRO Woman with Thin Neck   Leave a comment


Her head tilted to her right, There might be noticed a resemblance to part of a woman’s face. I’ll leave it to you for if you see any other figures (if that one). However, one expansion to what I’m doing would be to include drawings-based on patterns I notice–Image within an Image.-Ernie Moore Jr.