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     Today I parked away from the building because the handicap parking spots had been taken-up much of the day and when I went with comfort in the cafeteria–my usual seating became available when the person nearly finished eating removed his things when the attendant put my tray down at that table.  respecting the person having been there first, I was setting-up to sit nearby. I thought I was respecting his generosity to take the spot he’d given-up. Not too long afterwards; an organizational representative who sets-out a display at the table I was showed-up.  Today I honored the someone-might-need-it-more-than-me principle.

     Typically, to move upright, I move with a crutch.  My legs can feel bad. Moving can hurt like a radiostation that doesn’t come-in clearly–a little bit better one way, a little bit worse another.  Two days ago there was a shift and my discomfort got a greater focus at the side front of the left hip.  Having that side door open and the strong sun shine on it there was a difference in the leg beside what I’d worked-on over night. As a treatment to loosen parts of my legs causing me issue from being gripped within itself tightly I might heat a pan and put it on a towel on my leg at key places.


Ernie Moore Jr 



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