Flexibility at the Hips and Foot Tightness   Leave a comment

     Last night I slept without binding my leg; however there was a greater comfort along with flexibility at my upper right thigh for one step going-up the steps.  This was something I had worked-on–the flexibility at my hips.  Thing is, flexibility at my hips feels as though it requires loosening the tightness in my thigh–upper front.  Breaking apart my thigh by moving it farther than its comfortable physicalness might require me coming to some understanding that it will hurt.  Thinking it will hurt as well as it hurting is likely to be unpreferred.

     I spent yesterday working on my ankle which felt fractured.  I deliberately moved it around by will and some times manually.  I tried massage [Aside]I can bend at my knees pretty well [End].  I noticed the muscle ball equivalent to the muscle bunch of the hand on the backside of the hand between the index finer and thumb sometimes referred to as Tiger mouth point area.  I then took the noticed discomfort to be an abnormal severe tightness at a single location.

   Ernie Moore Jr.


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