IC Draw CM SEDRO Woman with Thin Neck EMJsigsc   Leave a comment

There was a photograph (digiphoto, digital photograph) of a Camera Motion Image Capture of sedimentary rock. In it I noticed a Woman who seemed to at some point have a thin neck. There were other noticeable objects, but I declared to draw some of what I saw in that apophenic image. This brings my journey full circle…What I first called Accidental Art–Image within an Image-making strokes of acrylic and seeing images that are clear enough that they might have been deliberately drawn–doing the art to improve the drawing. Here’s a drawing by Ernie Moore Jr. from the art.  Thev date includes an icon at the front.  I gave rebus-like symbols to the days of the week.  The A stands for After the reference point old as The hype of the Sell of Common Era gets me shaking my head…it’s a point at best, not an era-Ernie Moore Jr.


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