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Shortening Leg [Wednesday 02 July 2014 A]   Leave a comment

The leg closest to the crutch seems to no longer be as long as my other leg. I can’t stand flat footed on both feet at the same. The one is higher than the other. Walking as if in mud. Forcing them both to equal length when I stand-up could be worte floorhwhile. Shortening the longer leg sometimes has been a consideration.

Holding or pressing yields temporary results–comfortable. Yet getting up off the floor, I can’t easily Just get going. Any fixes I might have tried haven’t solidified-ish.

Ernie Moore Jr.

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IC CM Acry Mon Film IwaI AciA Down the Hall EMJsigsc   Leave a comment


Image Capture Camera Motion of acrylic Accidental Art photographed off of a monitor, Image within an Image. This has been seen as an askew Image Capture portraying a person (left-hand side;lhs) look down a hall. Until posting it here I missed the person (originally thought to be female) talking with-looking at(to) a long face person with a big hat. And just a person with long hair looking leftward.-Ernie Moore Jr.  [Note: Photograph of art, Not an image of a ghost]-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM LD Trees Elegant Figure 1 EMJsigredsc   Leave a comment


From an Image within an Image in Accidental Art to pulled light. To Camera Motion. With the various image captures I have I began to foresee a limit. This is a Image Capture Camera Motion Light draw photography, pulled light as well–Light from a fixed light source with Camera Motion is Light draw. But this might include a blending of (what I’d usually not consider) the tree leaves through which the fixed light is. This has an image I can see as having fancy genii (djin(n)) clothing.-Ernie Moore Jr.