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Yesterday I was asked from beginning to  end how I was going to make money with my photography.  I will use the term money-shot.  I got asked about what that is.  For me I had heard the term and it meant a photograph for which much money would be given.  I went on to indicate that in various fields, on certain topics there were images prized above others and that these for that thing could be a money shot.  In gardening, a flower in full bloom could be good money and is a desired shot.  Yet, an unblemished flower with a bug on it that might tend to be a money shot (with sharp crispness of the bug and flower, sort-of thing).  In a city or town there are key Landmarks–in Frederick, Maryland you’d want the spires…famous bridges…but I acknowledged-admitted that the bridge thing which can extend to landmarks there are plenty of pictures of much of that reducing its money-shotness.  My only edge is to bring a photograph of someplace not imagined,  hardly thought possible.  The shot of I’ve never-seen-that.  usually a Nature shot at a small piec that grabs-you, awes you…


Then is got brought up how Photographs are prints and prints seemed looked down on as having little value and certainly No texture thereby not any thing to look-at via Online image looking versus going to an actual museum and seeing texture.  Then the show Buried Treasure(s), one of the hosts (a Keno) indicated a poor opinion of prints(relevant to the topic at that part in the show.


However I might think that is against prints of art from another medium.  Plus I was dumbfounded about hearing of flat photography by some of the work I’ve done I thought indicated texture.

The featured image is not an attempt at texture but something along the line of the direction of quality I hope for in shooting photography the resembles impressionistic art.

Ernie Moore Jr.


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