Thankful for Monk Head Flips and Walking Hand Stands on My Fists   Leave a comment

     I used what I thought was a door knob hurrying (what constitutes hurrying for me) to leave the knob on the adorned plank of wood in the closet doorway went with my griping hand to the floor. It hit first, released by me. my fists went to the floor but couldn’t reach with me flat footed. My waist started to go over my chin. I did a low-bass[FR] guttural yell of “Gawwwwd” (venting at the inevitability of some unpreferred stuff and getting rid of air to squinch more abdominally prepping for more tuck [There’s a thought that I was avoiding dislocation or break point stress by having my lower stuff follow my upper stuff in essence bringing them back closer together]. I couldn’t push off from the floor, transpositioning my lower higher for a tight knit coordinated move. My fists as support I went on my head top. Emptying-out of breath as I forced my head back, lowering my shoulders. My back pulling my waist, my head bumping my shins disconnecting my feet from the ground…I was in a bicycle position–head and feet exchanged–my hands controlling falling from the side back. My elbows right angled as the base keeping my legs up. But momentum meant I had to work this out and stalling could only last so long. My lower body was my upper body. I took the weight off (don’t know why except prepping to land) by bending my right leg at the knee. From there I used abdominals working withe my slowly extending elbows to lower my back. I targeted a wall to steal from gravity my full weight and would have my foot creep-slide along the wall something like that.

   –Ernie Moore Jr.


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