IC CM Profile: Bear Styled Head with Hat EMJsigcrsc   Leave a comment


      Image Capture Camera Motion of ground, where grass, straw or other dry grass are in an area.  The hint of white are likely a small flower.To me I noticed a profile of a Human-Bear hybrid type creature possibly under a hat.  As I looked more it could be front facing Bear-styled creature.  This is where the same image could be either of more than one interpretation of the image.Dark around the eye goes long down the face and is furry around  the nose bridge area and cheeks.  This would be an Image  within an Image.  I cropped the  left hand side and the right hand side of the digital photograph.  At this resolution there might even be a girl noticeable by the left eye.-Ernie Moore Jr.


Posted July 17, 2014 by noknowhips in art, faces, photography, posters, Uncategorized

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