Learning Drawing from Images within Images   Leave a comment

comparison of drawing of image within an image EMJ

Firstly done in acrylics.  Images within Images–Accidental Art.  Here is one of the perceptions or images within the image.  By deliberately image Capturing accidentally I realized I might be able to get well formed images I could not on my own understandings draw.  The point of Accidental Art for me was to learn strokes I might not know and amass a database of strokes to better be able to draw.

The drawing is perhaps spare because I’m only at lines of formation.  They outline and give definition to rasp the gist of  the image.  Because going farther than I have secureness detracts from the drawing Messing-up the overall.  I save myself attempts at do-overs (impossible to exactly match as a drawing at my stage is individual).  Right now I do the minimal and stroke by stroke add to.  The one stroke that feels off from capturing the good semblance is the last stroke for that drawing (also painting)-Ernie Moore Jr


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