Success at Lengthening My Leg   Leave a comment

Severe arthritis in the hips can be limiting.  It certainly has been reducing..  I’m often asked to move before I’m at a level of comfort to move without damaging or feeling like its damaging.  Constantly avoiding hurting more, I step with the tips of my toes to reach the ground sooner.  Also, I cat stance my right leg to pull and pivot.  But I noticed my legs becoming uneven.  I have relengthened my one leg.

Sleeping in a position a work my way into-repositioning my thigh muscles closer to the bone I’m gaining in relief at my thighs when stepping.

I used to post exercises.  I still can-ish.

I finally managed this:


A Kung-Fu forum brought up front kicks-how to traditionally…I recalled

I Used to Be Able to Do This

And I Used to Be Able to Do This

Ernie Moore Jr.


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