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IC CM IMPart Flower 12 EMJ:Painting with a Camera–Stretching Light   Leave a comment

red pink flower photograph digital image camera motion phtography image capture

Camera Motion photography Image Capture of a flower.The  lighting with the camera motion might give one an impression of impressionistic art.  Perhaps a sense of brush strokes-stretching light just so.-Ernie Moore Jr.  
I wonder If I can make this photographic style over into non-plant non-flower things..

IC CM Image within an Image:Older Man (Wizard) EMJ   Leave a comment

camera motion image capture resembling a face perhaps a wizard EMJ

This image capture is from a previously posted Camera Motion piece–IC CM Faces with Hats EMJcrsigsc. Potentially an image resembling an older man perhaps in a hood.  My first thought was Wizard. I would study drawing of this from the original piece.  Crop of a crop, I would do my Accidental Arts thing-learning of the strokes of this Image within an Image piece.This is one of the most defined Image Capture of my work I’ve seen yet.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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