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IC CM IwaI Roses Woman Under Hat EMJ   Leave a comment


Camera Motion Image capture of roses. This cropping was because I thought I noticed a face under a tight fancy hat with a flower on it.  If there’s a face It’s frog like.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM IwaI Roses People Standing About EMJ   Leave a comment

Camera Motion image within an image impressionistic art people standing around EMJ


This Camera Motion Image Capture of roses Image within an Image.  Photography stretching light-pulling light resembles people standing around.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM AA Facing the Passed EMJ   Leave a comment

Resembles a face with faces and images seeming to go back and get smaller. Red and blue acrylic mixes with camera motion photography EMJ


This Camera Motion Image Capture of acrylics–Accidental Art.  Photography-pulling light, stretching light-Image within an Image seemed to have a face.  Then off to the side, faces and images.  I thought of a television programme called Doctor Who.  Partial faces and passed lives.  Even suggestions of English police boxes.  This is a digital image taken with a digital camera.  It’s important to know, this is an instant the camera captured.-Ernie Moore Jr.