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IC CM LD Race the Storm EMJ   Leave a comment

shimimage capture camera motion of ering greens and smoky grays E M J

Camera Motion Image Capture  of light through trees.  I usually post images with images within images there might be a race car  or motorcycle hence the title  I felt this one and am posting it thinking it might appeal to some.-Ernie Moore Jr.


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IC A Monument Honoring Colored Soldiers of Frederick County Maryland (MD) 1917-1918 EMJ   Leave a comment

monument plaque to honor Frederick county Maryland Colored Soldiers listing names photo digital E M J

Image Capture of a list of names and the title of this metalwork portion of a monument in Frederick, Maryland’s Memorial Park.  Earlier in my photographing I felt it was important to photograph plaques, perhaps signs too.  The thinking is that the viewer can see works they otherwise would be unable to see. In remembrance of the sons and daughters of Frederick County Maryland- The Great World War 1917-1918. Veterans’s day was to remember the peace that would now be with the ceasing to fight of World War I. -Ernie Moore Jr.

IC Frederick, Maryland Memorial Park Army Stone EMJ   Leave a comment

Frederick. MD United States Memorial stone E M J

Image Capture of something in a park in Frederick, Maryland.  Photography I was doing before.-Ernie Moore Jr

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IC CM Faces Forest EMJ   Leave a comment

Camera Motion that resembles trees with faces E M J

This Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light seemed to resemble trees with faces on them.-Ernie Moore Jr.