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photodigital camera motion image capture upturned curves of light on a rust background E M J

This photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light was interesting to me.  Image within an Image there might be a face or more.  The balance of lights and the shifting of lightness to darkness from the bottom to the top.  I like the varied concentration of light as well as the shiftings/gradient.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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photodigital alphabet declination AB Blue Bird bottom sixth page E M J

After working on dolphin diving I go to Horse ear blending with eyelid for the letter “A.”-Ernie Moore Jr.

The marks should be repeatable–consistent.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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photodigital alphabet declination AB Blue Bird E M J

This photodigital Image Capture of notes on alphabet declination for AB Blue Bird EMJ top of the sixth page.  Here we can see the changes to letters.  Writing them and writing them.  Getting tired of taking so long there would lose strokes or have strokes blended.  Writing fast can mean less to write or more compact shapes.  Sharp is a quick whip gesture.-Ernie Moore Jr.

First letter is a horse ear.  I decide the eye helps define the triangle as an ear.  That’s pretty solid to me so I go on to “B” icon or second letter.  Dolphin shape resembles ocean wave.  Wave becomes dolphin out of the water.  Now set the style of the water.  For this letter/icon this is what I think would change with use.  Curve loses the waves and straightens.  Even the dolphin can lose its curve for the more direct shorter stroke.  And we generations later do not see the shapes as more than marks with no meaning except assigned valued.-Ernie Moore Jr.

For me one style of making an alphabet is grouping similar icons for sections of alphabet.  I’m comfortably set on “B” and “C” from one dolphin leaping to a dolphin leaping over the leaping dolphin.  And working on my solid for the design of a dolphin diving to get “D.”-Ernie Moore Jr.

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photodigital of alphabet declination AB Blue Bird bottom of page five E M J

This photodigital Image Capture is of the bottom of page five of alphabet declination notes AB Blue Bird.  I go to the horses ear.  I use the eye as a relative marker or reference marker.  Two distinct features in the first generation–exactly an ear and exactly the top curve of an eye.  As generations use this print format there might be a tendency to join the two distinct parts.  It can happen in different ways if it was standardized.  With alphabet declination-the final product should be a likely de-evolution from pictograph.  Here I’m running through branches of variations.  This is atypical.  I am in essence going for a end alphabet to present, Yet, I am looking to have my usual thing of the progression from pictograph to cursive fast script that would come after generations of use.-Ernie Moore Jr.

The ear looses half so one needn’t back track yet one smooth stroke to the eyelid.  I also explore horizontal layout verses a more realistic.  Loops are freer-faster than a point that has to be traced back down.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Next on the page is dolphin form.  I use a wavy line as a base line of relevance for water.  Expressing the concept of dolphin leaping out of the water I use a curve to represent the body and try a dorsal fin. later I ad a pectoral fin to add to its looking like a dolphin.  Then dolphin going under water.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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photodigital camera motion image capture resembling raining light on the ocean water. E M J

This photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture photography pulling light-stretching light looked to me like rain hitting water.  Yet, it also looked like waves or surf.  There’s also the look of a film negative.-Ernie Moore Jr.

I stopped photographing near October 2014 because I was Preparing to hang works in a  show I signed-up for a year earlier.  But got verified within two weeks of the show start date.  I’ve posted muchly all of the obvious images from my camera files.  I’m about to clear my computer of them when I verify I have copies of the source photodigitals.-Ernie Moore Jr.

I was pinning my finances on making good with sales to help me through.  A ravamp of the website dot dot dot.-Ernie Moore Jr.

I find wonder in photography as I do photography.  I looked it up for my exclusivity.  Someone else is known for deliberate camera motion or intentional camera motion but most of that and modern-current photographers don’t have my scope.  I leave-out out of focus/blurry images and go for Images within Images and just strikingly powerful, Wonderful, Lovely images pulling light-stretching light.-Ernie Moore Jr.

My School of Photography–Camera Motion Image Capture catching on might be nice[No, it’s not a school per se as I’m the only one doing it Like I do it with my vastness of effect.  But should others emulate repeat or copy/follow the avenues I’m traveling I suppose it might be considered the School of Ernie Moore Jr Camera Motion Image Capture.  Or Image Capture Ernie–I.C.E./ICE  or Image Capture Photography–I.C. Photography/IC Photography [Alluding to a nickname– Ice Man, Ernie Ice Man Moore Jr. From NBC news]…I’d like to be the only one but it’s duplicateable-ish I can only hope for credit as a source-originator…something along that line perhaps.  I tried to run this through before someone with better marketing and more distribution copied my stylings and profited from, what for me was a discovery.  My marketing understanding is what it is.  I hope some day my work would be world renown.  But it starts here, with you and any few who find value in my works.  We all have something we’re doing.  I really like my Camera Motion thing-Image within an Image-Accidental Art [which I’ll start referring to as Discovered Art.-Ernie Moore Jr.].

I appreciate you indicating something that speaks to you or your work.  I enjoy our relationship and have no doubt that more than us will have pleasure/enjoyment/solace, at looking at what I’ve done.-Ernie Moore Jr.

For now I’ll list my big good camera to get money for the short term.  Some month I’ll get a new smaller camera without lint in the lens nor a broken lens cover.  And make more wonderful iconic works -Ernie Moore Jr.

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photodigital alphabet declination AB Blue Bird top fifth p E M J

This photodigital is the top of page five of my alphabet declination AB Blue Bird.  These drawings/writings start with the subject of Lipazzan.  Part of what I associate with that subject is the rider in uniform, the hats for military service or nationality.The uniform is too detailed for this size drawing and an package normal ink pen.  One mark of a Lipizzan is the breed signature trained moves.  I picked a jump with hind double kick. This does have the showings of alphabet declination.  I go to minimalizing and stroke continuity–A stroke used in communication should have a level looking the same, within the environment of the same circumstances.  My wavy lines should cross midland very near the same percentage of the point-to-point length every stroke-to have a standard.  Also, we can see I use different placements.  I’m going to say placements are areas or local area zones within the framework of the icon.-Ernie Moore Jr.

A letter of this sort should be complex enough to retain characteristics of the subject and designed to be duplicated within a few seconds for writing to be convenient.  It seems to be a balance of maximum that can be done soon enough.  This is My ceiling.- Ernie Moore Jr.

This goes from forelegs, aftlegs, tail; I adjust the tail lengthening and curving-then shortening almost to just being an extension of the body (which reduces number of strokes). Or lose the tail having only the legs connected by body.  I later incorporate a stroke to represent the horse head. Eventually there’s the rider.  Then all legs distinct with one curving stroke for head, body, And tail.  This is me thinking ahead.  Looking for a good form to lose parts while being a reasonable useful usable icon/figure. Doing a rearing horse or horse and rider gets me thinking of images I think of as Sanskrit.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Next set is Dolphin dorsal fin possibly pectoral, on to pectoral above water.  Interesting that I go to horse ear-which I think resembles a fin out of the water.-Ernie Moore Jr.

I have enough to pick or print my more settled thoughts.  The horse ear is the “A.”-Ernie Moore Jr

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alphabet declination notes bottom of the fourth page E M J

I have mentioned alphabet declination, yet have not switched-out any of the English alphabet so far.  This is a continuation of dolphin.  It includes a mention that I felt I was not understanding dolphin form–to the level that I can present it/draw it like it looks as if it were real.  While I do not have details of dolphins I’m thinking I have generalities of their movings to advance with getting an icon.  Limbs become lines and I bring-in the surface of the water.  I like the look of the composite, however for me-this is not just typography–trying to get a single letter.  The point is to show a progression of each letter, from first representation through evolution/devolution of use.  I’m working with a dolphin flipping or diving.  I went from wave to taking the curve of the wave as the curve of a leaping~dolphin.

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camera motion resembling hurricanes of light E M J

This photography is a Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light resembling a flurry of hurricanes of light.  I didn’t understand this image, yet I liked it–it felt like something.-Ernie Moore Jr.©2014 Ernie Moore Jr.

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alphabet declination AB Blue Bird top of fourth page E M J

Here I make a note that I would like realism in the likenesses.  And if I am lacking in understanding, I should develop that area.  I go from unicorn to dolphin.  Focusing on the head in both cases.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Prior alphabet declinations could have less topics yet as many parts. Example:Ghost Hunting-one topic with several areas or aspects from which to choose icons.  Well, apparitions, locations and instrumentations.  All three of which can have multiple representations.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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photodigital of alphabet declination AB Blue Bird bottom of third page E M J

This photodigital is of the bottom of the third page AB Blue Bird.  There’s Pegasus, horse legs, unicorn tail and horse tail and hind quarter.-Ernie Moore Jr.

I still have not picked out an icon for letter “A.”  I might not have wanted to pick from just what I knew only to find out more and regret my choice or have to scrap what I have for a more reasonable selection.  I might be looking at all I can for what I understand and choosing from that.-Ernie Moore Jr.

A review or establishment of the overall shapes allows me to theorize more quickly once I start selecting.  I might have already done some selecting. but I seem to have gone on to section analysis of the subjects.-Ernie Moore Jr.