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IC CM 1st p (bottom) AB Blue Bird EMJ   Leave a comment

bottom half of first page ofalphabet declination A B Blue Bird E M J

This is a photodigital of the bottom of the first page of a work to make an alphabet based on prechosen subjects, objects, items.  The alphabet is called Blue Bird (AB Blue Bird)–Butterflies, Lipizzon, Unicorns, A warrior stance recognizable by an  Atari arcade game character in Gauntlet Legends-Blue Valkryie, Rainbows, Dolphins.  Using these subjects I had to pick an icon that would stand-in for the English letter “A.”  I picked horse’s ear.  But the ear by itself does not show the horse.  Going that direction, how much around the head do I show, that I can draw, but highlight the ear.  If the head comes into play I should have that understanding.  With that, I am here working on the understanding of the drawing of the head.  At the top is my studying dolphin shape.-Ernie Moore Jr.