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IC AB Blue Bird Top 2nd p EMJ   Leave a comment

alphabet declination top of page two sketching horse head and dolphin side

This Image Capture photodigital alphabet (AB) Blue Bird top of second page shows me looking at the basics of drawing a horse head-six parts:forehead to the nose, tuft of hair, ear, jaw, mane, eye.  I liked how this worked out.  My tactic is to do few and light strokes once one stroke is out of place–wrong to my thinking, I do one more to a few more to see if I can find a depiction I support by my understanding of it.  Otherwise it stops and is considered complete when I start getting it wrong-ish.  So my drawings I’ve done so far are very sparse.-Ernie Moore Jr.

I continue to see what are the fewest strokes to make the object.  After I have a minimal number of- then I find the style for each stroke–where it curves and how much.  I lose the tuft of hair and play with the thought that the forehead and jaw are the same line.  needing to distinguish them with the right length of well placed line to indicate separation.-Ernie Moore Jr.

As I blended the top of the head with the bottom, I transitioned from horse head to dolphin head and the dolphin body-trying to get the fin from my brain to the paper.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Twigs Leaves Distressed Tree EMJ   Leave a comment

camera motion of a distressed tree E M J

This Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light…art came to mind when I saw this.  I did not see it as Image within an Image.  It seemed to be a whole piece–a bulky weird tree (trunk).  As I’m writing this I can understand a cow face, and a court yard of older (ancient) entryways.  the bigger version seemed to have a face that seemed porcelain (two o’clock near center).  There might seem to be a clown face at one thirty near the edge.  Even now one might see Cleopatra eyes looking section (but it’s rotated right ninety degrees).-Ernie Moore Jr.