IC CM Twigs Leaves Samurai-Geisha EMJ   Leave a comment

a camera motion of twigs and leaves resembling a Samurai or a Geisha E M J

This Camera Motion Image Capture of twigs and leaves, stretching light-pulling light has for me a central focus of the resemblance of a Geisha.  I thought the lighter image at one o’clock might be an over-the-shoulder of a Samurai.  Continuing to look, The figure I had thought of as Geisha because of the face as I was making-it-out was perhaps masculine.  The Kimono could also be worn by a male.  There’s a darkness in the left hand-ish that could be a sword from which I can get the impression of Samurai.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Within the kimono at the bottom might seem to be a brow line and shadow of a nose bridge.  From here the face in the bottom of the kimono there might seem a hat wearing woman in older proper clothes.  There might even seem two faces in the lighterness.  Seeing the image smaller can give a different set of images.-Ernie Moore Jr.


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