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IC CM Trees A Dusting Of Light EMJ   Leave a comment

photodigital camera motion of a red berry tree showing tens of curves of light E M J

This photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light perhaps containing an Image within an Image.  This is a one hundred eighty degree rotation of IC CM Trees Uplifting EMJ.  Of note here might be the burgundy to dark orange to lightening.  It might have had a different fee  to it.  The white is the light.  The soft colors topping the image area was the reason for Dusting in the title.-Ernie Moore Jr.

No_Know (Kung-Fu) Says: Happy New Year 2015 A   Leave a comment

[The A after 2015 in the title represents “after,” which is all that’s needed because the reference point is understood and it certainly is not an era].-Ernie Moore Jr.

The Kung-Fu I did in my youth has aided me in my elderness–strength, movement techniques, breathings, comprehensions, appreciations. And while I am greatly inflexible-ish, I might think I would be worse off had I not the agility I gained through practice earlier.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Wellness be yours this 2015.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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