IC AB Blue Bird top 7th p EMJ   Leave a comment

photodigital of notes for alphabet declintion AB Blue Bird E M J

This photodigital Image Capture is the top of page seven of my alphabet declination AB Blue Bird EMJ.  Here can be seen a declination from elaborate to minimal which like talking degrades-minimizing shortening-shaving; so goes writing. We’ve halted our writing by using type and machines to print.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Declination of this icon for “A” connects the ear to the eyelid. then loses the eyelid.  Then the connection straightens, then shortens.  Then there’s no connection and just the ear.  Then the ear shortens several times and loses the other side of the ear.-Ernie Moore Jr.

This shows me going on to “B,” dolphin leaping out of water.  Curves straighten.  The angle changes–becomes more acute.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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