IC AB Blue Bird top 8th p EMJ   Leave a comment

notes on alphabet declination AB Blue Bird top of eighth page E M J

This photodigital Image Capture of notes of an alphabet declination–AB Blue Bird EMJ.  These icons are dolphin based.  Showing “B,” “C,” and “D.”  When one looks at these (alphabet declinations) one should look for a progression in shortening.  Shorter amounts of ink.  Shortening of strokes.  And although some later icons have longer strokes the thought was that they save one from lengthier writing by staying connected to the paper.  I’m trying to keep it from being a senseless scribble.  Yet a sensible repeatable scribble that is a progression from a longer mark, that’s reasonable.-Ernie Moore Jr.

“B” started in the last page (7).  It was a dolphin leaping out of the water.  “C” was “B” with a second dolphin leaping. Three dolphins would be a bit much.  For “D I explore more of a full bodied dolphin.  Scaled down as per my skill level at drawing. [Note: I could try and try until I could draw a more complete dolphin, but the idea is finish the project.  I can work at an icon for a bit, but too much investment is a waste of Life.  I am to cut off trying for perfection after some effort has been put into it.-Ernie Moore Jr.

“D,” turns into the dolphin diving.  The tail is wavy las the water.  My relating a dolphins relationship with water almost as though it’s an aspect of water.  Some of these begin to resemble established written characters.  I’m mostly noting Chinese and Russian.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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