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IC AB Blue Bird bottom 9th p EMJ   Leave a comment

alphabet declination AB Blue Bird bottom of page nine E M J

This photodigital is an Image Capture of the alphabet declination AB Blue Bird EMJ, bottom of page nine–“F.”I have Icons use the same subject.  Some of these seem a search for an alphabet as opposed to an alphabet declination.  When   I got there and realized that my free-form could not be done with their tools I realized I could make a font for printing I had high hopes.  I used part of the methodology to come-up with this font– .

aRejor a font by Ernie Moore Jr.

This is the above, less the webaddress.

SO I would like a one alphabet, yet would work it in the end for alphabet declination.  An alphabet could borrow frm varios generations in the progression or various places in the declination.-Ernie Moore Jr.