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photodigital camera motion image capture resembling figures in period clothes E M J

This photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light has an Image within an Image.  At first I noticed the left hand side with a hatted reaching-down skeleton face figure (Death came to mind) A small faced Scottsman looking to his left with his Ambrose Burnside side burns joining his beard.  And continuing left-hand to right-hand side a room with two young ladies.  Originally there was on young lady/girl different from the just mentioned two.  With this I named the work “Death Denied.”  Finally after reviewing variations and the relationship of the characters.  In summation, I took-it that The skeleton revealed face was defeated Darkness.  Central was a Guardian or just the beginning of a scene of Light or Life.Later there were three male figures in period clothes top right center…There might seem to be a lamp such as has a candle in it…The street lamp could also perhaps be taken fro the corner of a building…et al.-Ernie Moore Jr.

This is a segment of Accidental Art (Discovered Art-Ernie Moore Jr.).  This is a recent piece.  I hope you and others enjoy my work-I delight in my works–a realization of potentials or perhapses.  While not assigning meaning to the works or those claimed viewed in the works; appreciating such Vastness…some-such perhaps some might say.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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