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IC AB Blue Bird top 11th p EMJ   Leave a comment

alphabet declination notes A B Blue Bird E M J notes drawings of horse E M J

This photodigital Image Capture is of an alphabet declination AB Blue Bird.  Oddly my photography and my paintings stem from an interest in drawing realistically. Taking how lines are applied elsewhere or reality I
might database lines or structure to improve the breadth of my drawing.  I thought my going from form to restriction of form could be an interesting journey, viewers, admirers, patrons[(the sounds of)crickets chirping]…that’s my sell point, I’m developing [akin to a photograph?].  If I improve-then you can share in my success, by being there with me.  But as I learn the worlds in which I study, I might be making Continents.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Here’s me studying my understanding-comprehension of horse, to design forms/icons/letter characters.  (No words)-whatever you get out of whatever.-Ernie Moore Jr.