IC CM NDM Fantasy Tango by Neal Delano Martineau EMJ   Leave a comment

photodigital camera motion image capture of a painting by Neal Delano Martineau EM J

Photodigital of a piece of art called Fantasy Tango, by an artist named Neal Delano Martineau [Yes, he is related to…];pulling light stretching light.  He’s actually interested in a collaborating–thinking his style with colorfulness lends itself to what I do here like this.  I can use the works using less structure here while presenting Mr. Martineau with works of mine showing more structure.  Given he has his own establishment Online I’ll link to the full image of Neal Delano Martineau’s work from which this is based.-Ernie Moore Jr.

The thing here is, I’m pulling the light.  But it’s not a thing in transition (is how I’m thinking I should think of it).  It’s set and was worked on.  Putting my copyright is fine as long as it’s not direct from the craftperson’s work.  So this all is basically only for presentation and would need reworked for sale.  I started off interested to remark that I am taking great care for the artist being recognized and not just anything else.  He’d mentioned something that I understood I could do something like this and his response was favorable.-Ernie Moore Jr.


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