Photo 15 Berkeley Arts Council WV:My Results   2 comments

Win? Lose?  There was best in Show, with Merit and Honorable Mention.  Mine was not selected for any of those.  Yet, I might realize that mine were selected.  Better, all of my submissions were selected.-Ernie Moore Jr.

I went into this juried show for photography with some perceived tactics from the last show I entered but into which other than mine were accepted.  I think two tactics worked.-Ernie Moore Jr.

There were about five submissions that were steps or a set of stairs.  I cn’t know that…unless I look at what’s is locally celebrated before I submit.  Then I can gear my submissions to what is the area celebrity subject…Ahhhhh!!  That might do.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Here are my submissions:

Photo 15 Berkeley Arts Council wv submissions E M J



Camera Motion of You are only young twice by Martineau [Edge Of Sight]EMJsc

Ernie Moore Jr.

Posted June 24, 2015 by noknowhips in art, camera motion, photography

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2 responses to “Photo 15 Berkeley Arts Council WV:My Results

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  1. Beautiful and soft, and I love your unique style!


    • Thank you for saying so. I appreciate your sharing your thoughts. Perhaps we go through Life, sometimes not knowing. Sometimes wondering. Sometimes doubting. Sharing favorable thoughts can alleviate a heavy Heart and help fuel one on one’s journey onward. This should be a consistent place I post images of my work. Thank you for saying.-Ernie Moore Jr.


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