IC CM Mixed Flowers: Summer Bloom Art Exhibit Martinsburg, WV   Leave a comment

Impressionist camera motion of orange and yellow summer flowers with a green darkness E M J

This photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture is of some hanging flowers.  http://www.berkeleyartswv.org has juried exhibit called Summer Bloom.  The show runs from June 24 to July 19.-Ernie Moore Jr.

A juried art show has more weight than just an art show.  As, just a show might be they needed pieces and whoever submits can be accepted.  At least a juried art show someone picks through what is submitted and what is seen has merit to be chosen.-Ernie Moore Jr.

This is an art exhibit.  The difference between show and exhibit I might not be able to discern beyond roomsize or the such.  These peices will be displayed in an area of the location that is off from the main showing place.-Ernie Moore Jr.

As far as the photograph…The pulling light-stretching light–Camera Motion to get Impressionist images that might be considered art I’m still working on.  I will look to bringing works that come from Camera Motion yet is not blurried such as fuzzy-that isn’t preferred.  It’s weird to describe.  But I’m seeing blurred as out-of-focus going out of the range of acceptable.-Ernie Moore Jr.


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