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Reduce Kid Deaths In Hot Cars:Woogie Check (Game) EMJ   Leave a comment

IC CM A Child EMJsigsc

IC CM A Child EMJsigsc

The Weather Channel told/shared a story of a girl in a car that got hot inside.  She was there about an hour.  The grandperson-Guardian mentioned it was nice outside.  The girl lived (people got her to unlock/open the door or some such).  I traveled an hour or so that morning.  By the time I got to park I had a stream of concept.  It had to do with reducing this child death in heat magnified cars / vehicles.  I recorded the stream and sectioned it.  Here is the section [I’d planned to edit it but this section seemed stand-alone-able.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Woogie Check Game EMJ (Kids)

Here’s the stand alone one for drivers.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Woogie Check Game EMJ (Driver)