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alphabet declination notes A B Blue Bird E M J notes drawings of horse E M J

This photodigital Image Capture is of an alphabet declination AB Blue Bird.  Oddly my photography and my paintings stem from an interest in drawing realistically. Taking how lines are applied elsewhere or reality I
might database lines or structure to improve the breadth of my drawing.  I thought my going from form to restriction of form could be an interesting journey, viewers, admirers, patrons[(the sounds of)crickets chirping]…that’s my sell point, I’m developing [akin to a photograph?].  If I improve-then you can share in my success, by being there with me.  But as I learn the worlds in which I study, I might be making Continents.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Here’s me studying my understanding-comprehension of horse, to design forms/icons/letter characters.  (No words)-whatever you get out of whatever.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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alphabet declination AB Blue Bird bottom of page nine E M J

This photodigital is an Image Capture of the alphabet declination AB Blue Bird EMJ, bottom of page nine–“F.”I have Icons use the same subject.  Some of these seem a search for an alphabet as opposed to an alphabet declination.  When   I got there and realized that my free-form could not be done with their tools I realized I could make a font for printing I had high hopes.  I used part of the methodology to come-up with this font– .

aRejor a font by Ernie Moore Jr.

This is the above, less the webaddress.

SO I would like a one alphabet, yet would work it in the end for alphabet declination.  An alphabet could borrow frm varios generations in the progression or various places in the declination.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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alphyabet declination A B Blue Bird bottom page eight E M J

This photodigital Image Capture of notes of alphabet declination AB Blue Bird EMJ, bottom of the eighth page looks at “D.” Revisits “C.”  And takes a lengthy look at “D.”  Also, over two days I assign value to the AB subjects–giving each subject imagery a section or small grouping of the English alphabet, with which to transpose-ish.-Ernie Moore Jr.

“D” icon degrade to resembling a four which would be fine, as “D” is the fourth letter of the English alphabet(AB).-Ernie Moore Jr.

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photodigital of notes for alphabet declintion AB Blue Bird bottom seventh page E M J

This photodigital Image Capture revisits “a” and continues onto “B” as far as switch-out icons for the standard Letters of the English alphabet.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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Blue-bird alphabet declintion top of first page E M J

Typography is a discipline of Graphic Design.  This might be my closest inlet to that claim aside from designing business (type) cards [more at pitch or selling myself/contact me cards] for work searching.  This is the top page of the first page of my notes for something I might call Alphabet Declination-a switch-out of the English alphabet for icons of ideas, topics, notions or or and objects or portions there-of-written in a progression to show changes in the writing of it favoring the trappings of great use as over generations.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Writing for an important note can vary from writing to record word for word what someone is saying.  In which case the writing is less big-trying to more fastly finish the letters to more quickly get to the next letters.  Ends of lines drag on beginnings of lines.  Curves straighten.  What was longer becomes shorter.  And except for typeset or fixed lettering there’s a morph.  Here pictures/icons become symbols–letters, yet related to the original subject/basis/framework of the alphabet.  [Note:I like how writing shortcutting seems to match speaking shortcuts an how a language in use changes or declines because of use.  In the languages progression it declines; I suppose since it starts out at how it should be there is only maintaining that or distortion.-Ernie Moore Jr.

This alphabet declination I’ll refer to as AB Blue Bird.  Blue Bird is close to my using the topic initials of Butterflies, Lipizzon, Unicorn, Horses, Pegasus, a signature pose of the Atari arcade game Gauntlet Legends’ character Blue Valkryie, Rainbows, Dolphins–BfLUPBv.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Still a work in progress from October 2012 it seems.  I’d like to finish this, which I might be able to work-out here as I present what I have so far so my thinking can be seen [Note: I like to look at thinkings].  I finised something for all the English letters.  And there is a model for my alphabet declinations, however, If you look into me you’ll see I use photography of accidental or discovered art and camera motion to get images within images.  From these I had hoped to find shapes reminiscent of representative figures/images/drawings/works I might study to improve my repertoire of drawing styles/tactics/techniques.-Ernie Moore Jr.

You see my lack of understanding of wings on a horse inhibits progress for developing a letter based on pegasus.  And a lack of ability to translate what I have of horses to paper inhibits letters based from horse or unicorn (though horse for unicorn is only head, neck and body-as the tail is lion and the legs are deer-again, my drawing and my database for these things.-Ernie Moore Jr.

I’ve done AB Declinations based from automobiles, rain, reading, and a gardening graphics design teacher.-Ernie Moore Jr.