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Success at Lengthening My Leg   Leave a comment

Severe arthritis in the hips can be limiting.  It certainly has been reducing..  I’m often asked to move before I’m at a level of comfort to move without damaging or feeling like its damaging.  Constantly avoiding hurting more, I step with the tips of my toes to reach the ground sooner.  Also, I cat stance my right leg to pull and pivot.  But I noticed my legs becoming uneven.  I have relengthened my one leg.

Sleeping in a position a work my way into-repositioning my thigh muscles closer to the bone I’m gaining in relief at my thighs when stepping.

I used to post exercises.  I still can-ish.

I finally managed this:


A Kung-Fu forum brought up front kicks-how to traditionally…I recalled

I Used to Be Able to Do This

And I Used to Be Able to Do This

Ernie Moore Jr.

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Adjusting the Hip After a Fall   Leave a comment

Recently I took a spill.  Having two severly arthritic hips, falling forward and having to tumble can be an experience.  I would like my legs togo back to the dysfunctional with which I have  been familiar.  Some of the work I steered clear from to correct some of my difficulties I must face if I have to keep a pace set by others.  Until today had not really known of, “It hurts to tears.”

Adjusting my foot before or in conjunction with trying to move the hip.  Also, taking longer to perform a move is useful when your prevention is tightness.  Slow riping goes easier as far as pain, at least on me.

Ernie Moore Jr.

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