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IC CM Mon Trees Out Of The Mist EMJ   Leave a comment

??????????????????????????????????????????This photodigital Image Capture her looks to me to be a cloaked figure out of the mist sort of thing, yet as a thumbnail or smaller it seems to be a figure ahead of another figure as if a boy might be leading a little girl through a field of tall grass.-Ernie Moore Jr.


IC CM IA Roses Water Light Flowers EMJ   Leave a comment

a suggestion of four roses, a fifth rose close to us E M J

This Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light is of a small group of roses.  The pull of light this piece was curved with flow giving what I might think of as a watery affect.  A semblance of Impressionist art-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Flowers Colorful Rise EMJ   Leave a comment

stretching light of image of flowers to a soft wispy affect

This Camera Motion Image Capture is a pulling light stretching light of flowers.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM LD Mon Person EMJ   2 comments

a head a face from a background EMJ

This Image Capture Camera Motion light drawing seems to at least have the head of a person.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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IC CM Radiant Streaming Flower EMJ   Leave a comment

Blossoming flower with soft glowand a few left flowing streamers EMJ

This Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light is another flower bathed in light-having a glow.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Flowers Soft Light on/from Flowers EMJ   2 comments

Photograph of soft glow from two open flowers

This camera Motion Image Capture photodigital image pulling light-stretching light, is of flowers.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM PL Plants of Light EMJ   Leave a comment

Photograph camera motion resembling plants of light EMJ

This image capture camera motion pulling of light seems to resemble plants.  It’s like a section of a garden with light coming down or some such.This is the first style of camera motion I’ve done.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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