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IC CM IMPart Red Flowers 12 EMJ   Leave a comment

Digital Photo of camera motion red flowers resembling impressionistic art

This is an attempt to resemble impressionistic art through camera motion photography.  A form of Stretching Light-there’s a line between Impressionistic art and out of focus-camera motion but not a good picture.  I keep saying Camera Motion because I do good with it.  But Camera Motion comes from being a usually unpreferred things.  I’ll refrain from just putting stuff up and try to evaluate, which side of the line a piece is.

Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM IMPart Flower 12 EMJ:Painting with a Camera–Stretching Light   Leave a comment

red pink flower photograph digital image camera motion phtography image capture

Camera Motion photography Image Capture of a flower.The  lighting with the camera motion might give one an impression of impressionistic art.  Perhaps a sense of brush strokes-stretching light just so.-Ernie Moore Jr.  
I wonder If I can make this photographic style over into non-plant non-flower things..

IC CM IMPart Flower Face EMJ   Leave a comment

camera motion looking like impressionistic art of a digital photo of a pink flower EMJ

Initially a good representation of a camera motion photograph as Impressionistic art.  Originally to be called Flower.  When I noticed what might be seen as part of a nose a left eye and lips/a mouth-I thought flower lady-stretching light, image within an image.  As the face looked different (not so feminine), possibly cat like I went with a basic name of Flowerpuss-or flower face.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM IMPart Pirates and Snakes in the Garden EMJ   Leave a comment

camera motion of flowers; light shining through as pirates and snakes


Camera Motion Image Capture Impressionistic Art of flowers.  Light between the plants along with the camera motion leaves an impression that  could be seen as pirates (a monkey) and snakes amongst the flowers-or in the garden.[Image within an Image]-Ernie Moore Jr.