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IC CM A Figure in the Light EMJ   Leave a comment

camera motion photograph resembling a figure in light casting shadows EMJ

This Camera Motion Image Capture-pulling light-stretching light-Image within an Image photography piece has a long dark portion which I took to be shadow.  I follow it to a figure.  Looking at it before posting this it seems there might be a second shadow near the figure.  I see two portions of brightness I take to resemble hair.  Either reflections/suggestions of the figure or other figures.  And even the suggestion of a face by the resemblance of an eye.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM AA Child in a Room EMJ   Leave a comment

Camera motion ogf accidental art a child in a room

This is an Image Capture Camera Motion of acrylics I call Accidental Art.  Image within an Image pulling light stretching light.  We have a bushy haired thin faced something at noon.  Then going clockwise it seemed as if it was a doorway to a room it looked like there was a seated child-covering her mouth, holding her knees to her chest or long hair and her arms crossing her chest.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Camera Motion Photography:House in Clouds on Smokestacks   Leave a comment

A dwelling on a cloud on smokestacks

An Accidental Art seeming to show one environment over another. Camera Motion Image Capture- almost a motel like house over tornado looking smokestacks.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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IC CM AA A Person Walking in the Blowing Wind EMJ   Leave a comment

image within an image resembling a person walking in the blowing wind EMJ

This Camera Motion Image Capture is of Accidental Art.  Image within an Image- a person walking in the blowing wind.  Accidental Art being strokes of acrylic done in no particular order except how you feel to at the moment.  When out of paint [Note:initially one would make strokes to get as much paint off the brushes from real art class/session], look at the card stock and see if you notice any images that look like something someone might have tried to draw/paint.  This one was from a small sampling of acrylics probably.  Faces might be find able, yet my biggest notice was a semblance of a person in a jacket stepping.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Photography: IC CM Jungle Spirit Dancer EMJ   Leave a comment

image within an image digital imaga man half out of shot a sleek jungle dancer like figure

     This Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light, stretching light seems to have a central figure-spirit like-dancer like.  First I noted the male looking figure that’s half off the shot (right-hand-side).  It so resembled a face I looked into keeping this image.  Image within an Image.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Photo-Digital Image: IC CM Grass Neptune at Lantis EMJ   Leave a comment

camera motion Photograph of grass resembling Neptune appearing out of seaweed

     This is an Image Capture Camera Motion of grass.  Image within an Image seems as though a face of a figure through what might be taken as seaweed.  At smaller image sizes than when clicked on one might see a Dutch maid looking face. Slight pulling of light-stretching of light gives a seeming glow that attracted me to this piece.

   Ernie Moore Jr.

Photograph:IC CM A Young Lady Looking-Up EMJ   Leave a comment

camera motion image capture photography resembles a little girl looking up EMJ

This is from a file of shoots of trees-Camera Motion Image Capture-Image within an Image.  First I noticed a little girl in a dress looking-up..  That became a person and a child with wings.  In the sky might be seen three faces at different moments.

Ernie Moore Jr.