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IC CM Skyscraperscape 2 EMJ   Leave a comment

IC CM Trees Skyscaperscape2 EMJsigsc

This photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture of light through trees, pulling light-stretching light bears a resemblance [my say], to tall buildings in a city, as skyscrapers–a skyscraperscape.-Ernie Moore Jr.

This is not graphic art.  It was done in the camera so-to-speak (shake-a-can), not through software on the computer.  That’s kinda the point–to avoid graphic designing by software and getting images on the spot that are othterwise noticed not.-Ernie Moore Jr.

There might be considered a soft quality as light through murky water. Imaging thins as if under water might come be an area/style of Camera Motion Image Capture.-Ernie Moore Jr.

And there might be a suggestion of a face in brown on the right-hand-side–Image-within-an-Image-Ernie Moore Jr.







Photo-Digital Image: IC CM Grass Neptune at Lantis EMJ   Leave a comment

camera motion Photograph of grass resembling Neptune appearing out of seaweed

     This is an Image Capture Camera Motion of grass.  Image within an Image seems as though a face of a figure through what might be taken as seaweed.  At smaller image sizes than when clicked on one might see a Dutch maid looking face. Slight pulling of light-stretching of light gives a seeming glow that attracted me to this piece.

   Ernie Moore Jr.