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Reduce Kid Deaths In Hot Cars:Woogie Check (Game) EMJ   Leave a comment

IC CM A Child EMJsigsc

IC CM A Child EMJsigsc

The Weather Channel told/shared a story of a girl in a car that got hot inside.  She was there about an hour.  The grandperson-Guardian mentioned it was nice outside.  The girl lived (people got her to unlock/open the door or some such).  I traveled an hour or so that morning.  By the time I got to park I had a stream of concept.  It had to do with reducing this child death in heat magnified cars / vehicles.  I recorded the stream and sectioned it.  Here is the section [I’d planned to edit it but this section seemed stand-alone-able.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Woogie Check Game EMJ (Kids)

Here’s the stand alone one for drivers.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Woogie Check Game EMJ (Driver)



IC Lightning Stalk: Lightning Strike EMJ   Leave a comment

Daylight cloudy gray sky lightning strike--astalk of lightning Image Capture video frame EMJ

     This is an Image capture from video. played at normal speed it is literally only on one frame of the how ever many frames per second (at least twenty-four), meaning one step previous-nothing. One step next-nothing.  Given the thickness I’d call intensity or accellerant concentration that this is quick.  But to rely on photography to catch the image I’d go through many a storm with images where lightning flashed or I catch images of darkness, having missed the strike portions of iconic image  or typically understood lightning.  Plus my camera exposure low enough, the flash before the strike could lighten the field enough to make the lightning less noticeable

     I like the study of lightning and so might continue Image Capture from Video to get as much as I can of the strike.  But for purpose Of selling I might use my Fujifilm or the such with eight frames per second for a few seconds.

     For this I used a anon PowerShot SX210IS C4 SD card and a Microsoft Windows Paint

  Ernie Moore Jr.

Success at Lengthening My Leg   Leave a comment

Severe arthritis in the hips can be limiting.  It certainly has been reducing..  I’m often asked to move before I’m at a level of comfort to move without damaging or feeling like its damaging.  Constantly avoiding hurting more, I step with the tips of my toes to reach the ground sooner.  Also, I cat stance my right leg to pull and pivot.  But I noticed my legs becoming uneven.  I have relengthened my one leg.

Sleeping in a position a work my way into-repositioning my thigh muscles closer to the bone I’m gaining in relief at my thighs when stepping.

I used to post exercises.  I still can-ish.

I finally managed this:


A Kung-Fu forum brought up front kicks-how to traditionally…I recalled

I Used to Be Able to Do This

And I Used to Be Able to Do This

Ernie Moore Jr.

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Video Clip: Image Captures-Lightning EMJ   Leave a comment

 Image Capture Multi point double horizontal lightning EMJ

A photography club I just joined has monthly contests, July’s is Lightning.  Learning from having an opportunity to photograph a woman twirling-dancing, but I couldn’t adjust the settings as I understood to.  Missed some images and got out of focuses and shots lacking composure.  No more trying to all perfect photographer hundred percent pure perfect.  I shoot video to Image Capture and use a software–Microsoft Window’s Movie Maker, to choose a frame (as it were).-Ernie Moore Jr.

Video mixed with image captures combine to make this video.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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