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IC CM AA Left Half Face EMJ   Leave a comment

The left half of a face on the left-hand side of the image E M J

This Camera Motion Image Capture Accidental Art seemed to resemble apiece that might be considered a painting done by an Actual artist.  I noticed it for the red-blue opposition and what seemed to be perceivable as a left half face.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM AA Facing the Passed EMJ   Leave a comment

Resembles a face with faces and images seeming to go back and get smaller. Red and blue acrylic mixes with camera motion photography EMJ


This Camera Motion Image Capture of acrylics–Accidental Art.  Photography-pulling light, stretching light-Image within an Image seemed to have a face.  Then off to the side, faces and images.  I thought of a television programme called Doctor Who.  Partial faces and passed lives.  Even suggestions of English police boxes.  This is a digital image taken with a digital camera.  It’s important to know, this is an instant the camera captured.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC Woman and Child EMJsigsc   Leave a comment

IC Woman and Child EMJsigsc

Accidental Art–Image within an Image–Making acrylic strokes on foamboard, using one color at a time from a twelve pack of acrylic colors (in small cups). This is a segment of the over-all. This could seem to have an image capture of a woman and child in an embrace. The point of Accidental Art was to provide a guide I could study–mimic strokes to improve my ability at drawing.-Ernie Moore Jr.