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IC CM Trees A Dusting Of Light EMJ   Leave a comment

photodigital camera motion of a red berry tree showing tens of curves of light E M J

This photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light perhaps containing an Image within an Image.  This is a one hundred eighty degree rotation of IC CM Trees Uplifting EMJ.  Of note here might be the burgundy to dark orange to lightening.  It might have had a different fee  to it.  The white is the light.  The soft colors topping the image area was the reason for Dusting in the title.-Ernie Moore Jr.


Digital Photo Camera Motion of Blossoms EMJ   Leave a comment

Ernie Moore Jr blossoms digital photo resembling art

     This piece is a digital photo camera motion image capture of blossoms.  This combines Stretching Light with Light Drawing.  Pulling fixed light source light across reflective subject matter–petals.  Camera motion resulting in this sort of blending-looks to me as a kind-of art piece–painting-Ernie Moore Jr.