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     In two-thousand eight I was told my thighs are turned outward and that I have stage two/ phase two arthritis.

     I’ve since taken temporary work, but little beyond a few days/weeks.  My most steady work was not as described and I was not the only one on whom it was hard.  I couldn’t do some of the bending nor traveling from point to point without walls or something to crutch with.  I was scheduled into January but when I sindicated I would lik/needed time off,  twenty-first/ twenty-second to twenty sixth December 2010, I got told something to the effect I wasn’t needed anymore.

     Go to my Father’s funeral and visit with my half brother I hadn’t seen in decades?  Going back to a temporary assignment sooner to avoid looking like I’m trying for a vacation over Christmas and not be with my brother after the funeral…Doing the Right thing for the wrong people is unpreferred–Business seems to care about Business and I am a flathead bolt driven by Business.

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