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IC CM IwaI Mon Trees Reaching Out To Me EMJ   Leave a comment

photodigital resembling a figure reaching our from the photograph or people crossing a bridge

This Image within an Image Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light stretching light, big looks like a figure reaching out a fist from within the photograph-photodigital.  Smaller it seems as though there is a person in a suit near by but others crossing what might be thought of as a bridge–Crossing  Over.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Ghost-like Photography–:Family Gathering EMJ   Leave a comment

photo digital image within an image resembling a ghostly family gathering EMJ


I shoot many shots.  I offload the images.  I’m only now going through the folders.  I think this is a camera motion of black acrylic strokes.  I’d found making strokes but not trrying to paint an image I might get Accidental Art.  Images better than I could draw from which I would learn to draw.This piece seems stereotypically ghostly.  One might make-out figures that seem as children and perhaps that seem as adults.  Because of the quantity f person figures I thought of this as a Family Gathering.


Ernie Moore Jr.