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There Should Be A Distinction Between Graphic Artist And Photographer   Leave a comment

I get to talk with a person about showing my work. at a library in Martinsburg, West Virginia.  I printed out some samples.  Sometimes it looks different printed.  But I’m figuring that out.  I’m looking to photography to be my way to get income.  However, there are many nice pictures and picture takers and worse.  There are photographers.  I’m saying photographers meaning people who have gone Nerd into Photography.  Beyond the photographer is the Morph.  The Morph is someone who came from Photography and went Graphic Artist, yet still only claims to be a photographer.  Morphing from a Morph is a Morph Morph–these would be people who do not distinguish post production alterations[excluding global lightening darkening], to caught images as being separate from photography.

Photography to me is capturing the balances of light present at the moment of that shot, at the taking of that picture.  When film was used, a photographer at development could control darkening and lightness of the image.  These then would be allowed for digital works and still accepted within photography.  Also film type referring to white balance, but speed of film would have been unalterable an most usually texture applications. There fore beyond as it was shot with global lightening, darkening and white balance adjustments allowed, one has left Photo-graphy and entered the Graphic Arts realm.-Ernie Moore Jr.


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IC GD A Graphic Artist Finding His Niche EMJ   Leave a comment


A cover image for a talk I was allowed to do at Cowork Frederick for the American Institute of Graphic Arts Blue Ridge Chapter AIGA. I’d offered to talk on a subject I was authoritative, however given that I was unemployed and not known to be or have done graphic arts or design. The title settled on was A Graphic Artist finding his Niche. Niche I’d brought-up, and working with digital images to print-outs, technically I’m a graphic artist.-Ernie Moore Jr.