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alphabet declination notes bottom of the fourth page E M J

I have mentioned alphabet declination, yet have not switched-out any of the English alphabet so far.  This is a continuation of dolphin.  It includes a mention that I felt I was not understanding dolphin form–to the level that I can present it/draw it like it looks as if it were real.  While I do not have details of dolphins I’m thinking I have generalities of their movings to advance with getting an icon.  Limbs become lines and I bring-in the surface of the water.  I like the look of the composite, however for me-this is not just typography–trying to get a single letter.  The point is to show a progression of each letter, from first representation through evolution/devolution of use.  I’m working with a dolphin flipping or diving.  I went from wave to taking the curve of the wave as the curve of a leaping~dolphin.

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alphabet declination AB Blue Bird top of fourth page E M J

Here I make a note that I would like realism in the likenesses.  And if I am lacking in understanding, I should develop that area.  I go from unicorn to dolphin.  Focusing on the head in both cases.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Prior alphabet declinations could have less topics yet as many parts. Example:Ghost Hunting-one topic with several areas or aspects from which to choose icons.  Well, apparitions, locations and instrumentations.  All three of which can have multiple representations.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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alphabet declination top of page 3 AB Blue Bird E M J

Still examining shapes before picking an icon to begin the Blue Bird alphabet, this looks at horse/Pegasus hind quarters,  horses from nose to tail, unicorn head with horn, horse on its legs.  Notice the minimized~ strokes for the rear view of a horse.  Also taking into consideration sometimes seeing a horse’s head from behind the horse.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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bottom half of first page ofalphabet declination A B Blue Bird E M J

This is a photodigital of the bottom of the first page of a work to make an alphabet based on prechosen subjects, objects, items.  The alphabet is called Blue Bird (AB Blue Bird)–Butterflies, Lipizzon, Unicorns, A warrior stance recognizable by an  Atari arcade game character in Gauntlet Legends-Blue Valkryie, Rainbows, Dolphins.  Using these subjects I had to pick an icon that would stand-in for the English letter “A.”  I picked horse’s ear.  But the ear by itself does not show the horse.  Going that direction, how much around the head do I show, that I can draw, but highlight the ear.  If the head comes into play I should have that understanding.  With that, I am here working on the understanding of the drawing of the head.  At the top is my studying dolphin shape.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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I presented someone with an alphabet.  Not only that but the half used eighty page spiral bound notebook in which I recorded how I went about it.  Perhaps that would be another web log from me.  I told the person I did it as a pick me-up for person.  I might not have started too close to the beginning but might have included the bare bones of Alphabet Declination-an alphabet formed from an idea or an item having symbols which corelate to English letters of the English Alphabet…writing English in symbols from an idea or item, figure or thought with different symbols than English letters.  That’s typography-a graphic art.  But Mine is the declination.  It’s actually a declining while advancing.  To me Language is not stand still except as Image Capture- for that moment.

Spoken English in the British colony, pet name- America, became southern English.  Southern English went to Economic divisions–rich southern and Poor Southern.  Negroes took Poor Southern to the North and Poor Southern became associated with Negroes and might have been referred to as Nigger talk /Nigger speak.  Segregated in the cities Poor Souther took on cultural and situational nuances becoming essentially a Negro speak. Negro speak is an evolving of the use of language and in England got known as cockney.   I still relate the development of English in the now United States of America by Negroes eventually increasingly widely termed Blacks (1964-1967) to the environment of the city-hence saying someone is country or from the city. What might be academically politically correctly called Ebonics Might better be called Urbanonics or Urbonics, because it is a referential and situational driven use of English But so was earlier English based on popular motifs and urgency.

When speaking, depending some on urgency one might speak faster.  In such cases clarity can diminish. what was a sentence can lose words and become a phrase.  Eventually becoming a word.  Words get shaved or lose defining edges.  As such I thought so of writing.

The person for whom I wrote the alphabet was a graphic designer and instructor of graphic design.  This is why I thought it might be a pick-me-up-because I thought someone who designs words might appreciate something like that, or at least the effort.  Person called what I did Art Brute-someone doing significant-ish efforts without formal training.  I came into Camera motion from trying to draw with light using a camera.  I had not heard of Michael Orton with the terming of Intentional camera motion.  Looking more there’s deliberate camera motion. and the term Image capture has been used.

I’m looking for  wording that is descriptive yet separate from what’s been done before that might get presumed as th quality of my work.  I feel I’ve gone some place different with the caliber of my works than that of professionals relevant to photography or the typicals producing motions captured as images in the camera.

Ernie Moore motion of roses. Light with pinks red and greens possibly seeming to from images

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I get to talk with a person about showing my work. at a library in Martinsburg, West Virginia.  I printed out some samples.  Sometimes it looks different printed.  But I’m figuring that out.  I’m looking to photography to be my way to get income.  However, there are many nice pictures and picture takers and worse.  There are photographers.  I’m saying photographers meaning people who have gone Nerd into Photography.  Beyond the photographer is the Morph.  The Morph is someone who came from Photography and went Graphic Artist, yet still only claims to be a photographer.  Morphing from a Morph is a Morph Morph–these would be people who do not distinguish post production alterations[excluding global lightening darkening], to caught images as being separate from photography.

Photography to me is capturing the balances of light present at the moment of that shot, at the taking of that picture.  When film was used, a photographer at development could control darkening and lightness of the image.  These then would be allowed for digital works and still accepted within photography.  Also film type referring to white balance, but speed of film would have been unalterable an most usually texture applications. There fore beyond as it was shot with global lightening, darkening and white balance adjustments allowed, one has left Photo-graphy and entered the Graphic Arts realm.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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A cover image for a talk I was allowed to do at Cowork Frederick for the American Institute of Graphic Arts Blue Ridge Chapter AIGA. I’d offered to talk on a subject I was authoritative, however given that I was unemployed and not known to be or have done graphic arts or design. The title settled on was A Graphic Artist finding his Niche. Niche I’d brought-up, and working with digital images to print-outs, technically I’m a graphic artist.-Ernie Moore Jr.