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IC CM Acry Castles Spires EMJsigsc

This photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light of acrylic on card stock resembled like a city/town/castle…two, with pointed sky reaching spires.  It’s as if they are on an island, split by a river.  There’s a water feel.  It’s something-or-other of a splash. Image within an Image, there’s at least three fantasy faces-center to the right-hand side–horses, an elf, a yeti-baboon…-Ernie Moore Jr.

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CM IC Silk Curtain EMJsigsc

This photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture is of trees.  The pulling light- stretching light at the edge of trees with that light and camera filter setting and camera motion yields this silky theatre curtain amalgamation.  I like the feel of the look. And at the center top might see an Image within an Image of an eye [nose eyebrow].  In part at first a horse face look.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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photodigital of the top of the twelfth page of the alphabet declination A B Blue Bird E M J

This photodigital Image Capture of the top of the 12th page of notes of an alphabet declination–AB Blue Bird EMJ.  Horse imagery would be used for multiple letters.  After having studied the head of a horse for icons, I’m continuing my study of the body.  I make a note that I need to understand the leg anatomy better to study the horse.  I decide to work on other icon structures.  I did touch on dolphins.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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alphabet declination notes A B Blue Bird E M J notes drawings of horse E M J

This photodigital Image Capture is of an alphabet declination AB Blue Bird.  Oddly my photography and my paintings stem from an interest in drawing realistically. Taking how lines are applied elsewhere or reality I
might database lines or structure to improve the breadth of my drawing.  I thought my going from form to restriction of form could be an interesting journey, viewers, admirers, patrons[(the sounds of)crickets chirping]…that’s my sell point, I’m developing [akin to a photograph?].  If I improve-then you can share in my success, by being there with me.  But as I learn the worlds in which I study, I might be making Continents.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Here’s me studying my understanding-comprehension of horse, to design forms/icons/letter characters.  (No words)-whatever you get out of whatever.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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alphabet declination AB Blue Bird bottom of page nine E M J

This photodigital is an Image Capture of the alphabet declination AB Blue Bird EMJ, bottom of page nine–“F.”I have Icons use the same subject.  Some of these seem a search for an alphabet as opposed to an alphabet declination.  When   I got there and realized that my free-form could not be done with their tools I realized I could make a font for printing I had high hopes.  I used part of the methodology to come-up with this font– .

aRejor a font by Ernie Moore Jr.

This is the above, less the webaddress.

SO I would like a one alphabet, yet would work it in the end for alphabet declination.  An alphabet could borrow frm varios generations in the progression or various places in the declination.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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photodigital of alphabet declination AB Blue Bird bottom of page five E M J

This photodigital Image Capture is of the bottom of page five of alphabet declination notes AB Blue Bird.  I go to the horses ear.  I use the eye as a relative marker or reference marker.  Two distinct features in the first generation–exactly an ear and exactly the top curve of an eye.  As generations use this print format there might be a tendency to join the two distinct parts.  It can happen in different ways if it was standardized.  With alphabet declination-the final product should be a likely de-evolution from pictograph.  Here I’m running through branches of variations.  This is atypical.  I am in essence going for a end alphabet to present, Yet, I am looking to have my usual thing of the progression from pictograph to cursive fast script that would come after generations of use.-Ernie Moore Jr.

The ear looses half so one needn’t back track yet one smooth stroke to the eyelid.  I also explore horizontal layout verses a more realistic.  Loops are freer-faster than a point that has to be traced back down.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Next on the page is dolphin form.  I use a wavy line as a base line of relevance for water.  Expressing the concept of dolphin leaping out of the water I use a curve to represent the body and try a dorsal fin. later I ad a pectoral fin to add to its looking like a dolphin.  Then dolphin going under water.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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photodigital alphabet declination AB Blue Bird top fifth p E M J

This photodigital is the top of page five of my alphabet declination AB Blue Bird.  These drawings/writings start with the subject of Lipazzan.  Part of what I associate with that subject is the rider in uniform, the hats for military service or nationality.The uniform is too detailed for this size drawing and an package normal ink pen.  One mark of a Lipizzan is the breed signature trained moves.  I picked a jump with hind double kick. This does have the showings of alphabet declination.  I go to minimalizing and stroke continuity–A stroke used in communication should have a level looking the same, within the environment of the same circumstances.  My wavy lines should cross midland very near the same percentage of the point-to-point length every stroke-to have a standard.  Also, we can see I use different placements.  I’m going to say placements are areas or local area zones within the framework of the icon.-Ernie Moore Jr.

A letter of this sort should be complex enough to retain characteristics of the subject and designed to be duplicated within a few seconds for writing to be convenient.  It seems to be a balance of maximum that can be done soon enough.  This is My ceiling.- Ernie Moore Jr.

This goes from forelegs, aftlegs, tail; I adjust the tail lengthening and curving-then shortening almost to just being an extension of the body (which reduces number of strokes). Or lose the tail having only the legs connected by body.  I later incorporate a stroke to represent the horse head. Eventually there’s the rider.  Then all legs distinct with one curving stroke for head, body, And tail.  This is me thinking ahead.  Looking for a good form to lose parts while being a reasonable useful usable icon/figure. Doing a rearing horse or horse and rider gets me thinking of images I think of as Sanskrit.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Next set is Dolphin dorsal fin possibly pectoral, on to pectoral above water.  Interesting that I go to horse ear-which I think resembles a fin out of the water.-Ernie Moore Jr.

I have enough to pick or print my more settled thoughts.  The horse ear is the “A.”-Ernie Moore Jr

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photodigital of alphabet declination AB Blue Bird bottom of third page E M J

This photodigital is of the bottom of the third page AB Blue Bird.  There’s Pegasus, horse legs, unicorn tail and horse tail and hind quarter.-Ernie Moore Jr.

I still have not picked out an icon for letter “A.”  I might not have wanted to pick from just what I knew only to find out more and regret my choice or have to scrap what I have for a more reasonable selection.  I might be looking at all I can for what I understand and choosing from that.-Ernie Moore Jr.

A review or establishment of the overall shapes allows me to theorize more quickly once I start selecting.  I might have already done some selecting. but I seem to have gone on to section analysis of the subjects.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC AB Blue Bird top 3rd p EMJ   Leave a comment

alphabet declination top of page 3 AB Blue Bird E M J

Still examining shapes before picking an icon to begin the Blue Bird alphabet, this looks at horse/Pegasus hind quarters,  horses from nose to tail, unicorn head with horn, horse on its legs.  Notice the minimized~ strokes for the rear view of a horse.  Also taking into consideration sometimes seeing a horse’s head from behind the horse.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC AB Blue Bird bottom 2nd p EMJ   Leave a comment

bottom second pageAB Blue Bird E M J

Here I explore other aspects [no pun intended] of the horse shapes and pegasus for AB Blue Bird.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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