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camera motion image capture resembling a side profile of a man with a goatee and hat, a hooded maiden and a hatted matron E M J

This Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light holds shading that resembles a man with a goatee and a headpiece, a Maiden Marian-Mary Magdalen hooded woman face, and what shifts between an elder woman in an earlier British hat and a man looking stage left in a British type hard hat. was there  I call the noticing of a semblance to something real when all that’s there is the balance of lighting to indicate that image-as Image within an Image.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM IwaI Mon Trees Reaching Out To Me EMJ   Leave a comment

photodigital resembling a figure reaching our from the photograph or people crossing a bridge

This Image within an Image Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light stretching light, big looks like a figure reaching out a fist from within the photograph-photodigital.  Smaller it seems as though there is a person in a suit near by but others crossing what might be thought of as a bridge–Crossing  Over.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Learning Drawing from Images within Images   Leave a comment

comparison of drawing of image within an image EMJ

Firstly done in acrylics.  Images within Images–Accidental Art.  Here is one of the perceptions or images within the image.  By deliberately image Capturing accidentally I realized I might be able to get well formed images I could not on my own understandings draw.  The point of Accidental Art for me was to learn strokes I might not know and amass a database of strokes to better be able to draw.

The drawing is perhaps spare because I’m only at lines of formation.  They outline and give definition to rasp the gist of  the image.  Because going farther than I have secureness detracts from the drawing Messing-up the overall.  I save myself attempts at do-overs (impossible to exactly match as a drawing at my stage is individual).  Right now I do the minimal and stroke by stroke add to.  The one stroke that feels off from capturing the good semblance is the last stroke for that drawing (also painting)-Ernie Moore Jr

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IC Woman and Child EMJsigsc

Accidental Art–Image within an Image–Making acrylic strokes on foamboard, using one color at a time from a twelve pack of acrylic colors (in small cups). This is a segment of the over-all. This could seem to have an image capture of a woman and child in an embrace. The point of Accidental Art was to provide a guide I could study–mimic strokes to improve my ability at drawing.-Ernie Moore Jr.