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IC CM Twigs Streaming Mountains EMJ   Leave a comment

photo digital smooth melding triangular shapes akin to mountains streaming E M J

This Image Capture Camera Motion stretching light-pulling light is of twigs–the thick small wood landscapers use around bushes.  In part it seemed as hills and part as water over rocks.  Thinking of a mountain stream, but the mountains were flowing, it becomes streaming mountains.  There might be an eye or a pair of eyes noticed in the hills {if I dare say that semblance of a movie title].  Far away or reduced it might seem to resemble a rounded face.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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Camera Motion Photography Art: Canyon Path   Leave a comment

camera motion photography Arching light pulled light resembling a canyon path EMJ


     Image Capture Camera Motion stretching light, pulling light. The angles of the arching light with the mix of dark and green I could interpret this as hills, a mountain region or a canyon path.-Ernie Moore Jr.