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IC CM IA Roses Water Light Flowers EMJ   Leave a comment

a suggestion of four roses, a fifth rose close to us E M J

This Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light is of a small group of roses.  The pull of light this piece was curved with flow giving what I might think of as a watery affect.  A semblance of Impressionist art-Ernie Moore Jr.


IC CM Roses Lion Line EMJ   Leave a comment

pink red to white blue extending into the distance like looking down a guitar neck

This Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light is likely of roses. Image within an Image-a Human face in the red, or four or five or so lion lioness faces starting in the red with a semblance of a male lion.  The color gradient might seem like a heat trail shooting off from the clouds above Earth, or something streaking towards Earth.-Ernie Moore Jr

IC CM Flowers Colorful Rise EMJ   Leave a comment

stretching light of image of flowers to a soft wispy affect

This Camera Motion Image Capture is a pulling light stretching light of flowers.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM AA Facing the Passed EMJ   Leave a comment

Resembles a face with faces and images seeming to go back and get smaller. Red and blue acrylic mixes with camera motion photography EMJ


This Camera Motion Image Capture of acrylics–Accidental Art.  Photography-pulling light, stretching light-Image within an Image seemed to have a face.  Then off to the side, faces and images.  I thought of a television programme called Doctor Who.  Partial faces and passed lives.  Even suggestions of English police boxes.  This is a digital image taken with a digital camera.  It’s important to know, this is an instant the camera captured.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM AA A Person Walking in the Blowing Wind EMJ   Leave a comment

image within an image resembling a person walking in the blowing wind EMJ

This Camera Motion Image Capture is of Accidental Art.  Image within an Image- a person walking in the blowing wind.  Accidental Art being strokes of acrylic done in no particular order except how you feel to at the moment.  When out of paint [Note:initially one would make strokes to get as much paint off the brushes from real art class/session], look at the card stock and see if you notice any images that look like something someone might have tried to draw/paint.  This one was from a small sampling of acrylics probably.  Faces might be find able, yet my biggest notice was a semblance of a person in a jacket stepping.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Digital Photo Camera Motion of Blossoms EMJ   Leave a comment

Ernie Moore Jr blossoms digital photo resembling art

     This piece is a digital photo camera motion image capture of blossoms.  This combines Stretching Light with Light Drawing.  Pulling fixed light source light across reflective subject matter–petals.  Camera motion resulting in this sort of blending-looks to me as a kind-of art piece–painting-Ernie Moore Jr.

Fantasy Art Camera Motion Photo EMJ   Leave a comment


     This is Image Capture Camera Motion yielding a painting quality photograph…I thought.  It is a forest subject with light akin to Glory, Benevolence, Enchantment…a fantasy style scene (fantasy art).-Ernie Moore Jr.