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IC CM Fighting Pheasant EMJ   Leave a comment

pulling light stretching light camera motion image capture of monitor image of photographed painting blue and purple resembling sets of wings EMJ

I’m trying  a larger image as I’m exploring WordPress.-Ernie Moore Jr.

The photodigital is one of a series of Camera Motions of a particular photo of a painting by Neal Delano Martineau [Up-the Garden Path]!product/prd1/3145599131/%2373-up-the-garden-path He prefers the more structured Camera Motions.  I’m into looking for an Image within an Image.  Here I get a sense of wings.  The purple texture said pheasant (bird).  And some where in here more than sight is Feeling a sense of Birds in flight fighting.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Tree Snow Hats Femmes Faeries Men EMJcr   Leave a comment

photodigital camera motion image capture with many image within an image E M J

Photodigital cropped-Camera Motion Image Capture of trees or a tree during snowfall, pulling light-stretching light.  Semblances of people with various hats.  A woman.  A female or two with possible wings. Right now I mostly see a male with a mustache and a tall hat with a chin strap.  At least one figure seeming to be leaning forward from a throne.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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Blue Jungle

This Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light looked like it bore a resemblance to trees akin to an aerial photo of a jungle because of the tropical like trees.  It also seemed as though it resembled jelly fish plant life–an underwater scene.  I like the coloration captured.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Art Ground Mine Door EMJsigsc   Leave a comment


This seemed to me as though it could have been painted. It is a Pulled Light-Stretched Light Camera Motion Image Capture of mulched ground as I understand. There might be Images within Images, however I would categorize this as -like Art.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Face 9 EMJsigsc   Leave a comment

image capture camera motion face 9 by Ernie Moore Jr

Making drawings of what I noticed from an Image Capture, but it was so complete…And it held my greatest drawing weakness–shading (my pen use is line or no line with very little in between. My shading or shadow representing is less strong than my over-all drawing. Here seemed to be a face; even somehow my own.-Ernie Moore Jr.