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IC CM Trees Blue Open Ocean EMJ   Leave a comment

Camera motion image capture resembling a blue texture of open water

This Camera Motion Image Capture, pulling light-stretching light resembled water.  Shades of blue dark open ocean water.  I’m told art painted is preferred to the flatness of a photograph.  This is akin to my photography which I feel has a semblance of texture.  If you notice a semblance to a child like figure–Image within an Image, I might not be surprised.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Txt Trees Waves EMJsigsc   Leave a comment

EMJ photograph. Pulling light:trees--waves

Photographic style, seeming to result in texture–pulling light, stretching light-Ernie Moore Jr.

This Image Capture Camera Motion has an effect I consider as texture–an almost 3-D effect or something with tactile variance. One day I hope to readily incorporate depth, at least something to “fool-the-eye”[French]-Ernie Moore Jr.